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Anonymous asked: Serbia gained Republika Srpska AFTER the war and the atrocities they committed, is that some sort of reward they earned for their crimes? I don't think abolishing RS would get rid of Serbs nor do I think it should, just that the means by which it was gained were inadmissible. Bosniaks are not Bosnian Muslims, they always existed, before primarily as Christians and now mainly Muslims but NOT ALL Bosniaks are Muslims, they are Bosnian by ethnicity only. ALL of BiH should be under its own rule.

ok really though, we’re the only ones who committed crimes? bosnians just sat there innocently, while everyone else attacked them? yeah bullshit. it was a WAR. you’re clearly brainwashed and narrow minded so it’s understandable, but do us both a favour and please read this then tell me about the atrocities serbians committed throughout our history :-) and actually yeah lol, the reason bosniaks have adapted that title is to become recognized for their islamic religion, im sure theres a handful who aren’t but generally thats kinda the whole point. literally all you have to do is google it. now please stop corrupting my blog with this shit, if you want to continue your pointless, obnoxious argument, then make an account, otherwise this is the last thing i will reply to 

Anonymous asked: I don't have a tumblr so I have to be anonymous. You posted Republika Srpska and Kosovo, Serbs may have significance there but the fact that they SHOULDN'T is my argument. Why should there be Republika Srpska in Bosnia? It was founded just before the war, it wasn't always there, it's just part of the nationalistic 'Greater Serbia'. It further supports the division of Bosnia and elimination of Bosniaks as a people, why must they have part of their country belonging to Serbia?

But why shouldn’t we though…? Why shouldn’t we have pride in our history like every other nation? Kosovo was slavic land since the 5th century with physical remains and evidence to prove it lol. Literally everything that happened there shaped us as people and allowed our culture to flourish. How is that not significant? I don’t really understand the point of your argument - it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Think realistically.. Republika Srpska or not, 37.1% of Serbs live in Bosnia, and if you think that getting rid of RS would eliminate Serbs from “Bosnian land” you’re kinda delusional. How would it make anything better? Will it end the conflicts between Serbians and Bosnians? I really doubt it, if anything it would make things way worse. You have to keep in mind that “Bosniaks” only came to existence around the 1500’s, up until then Bosnia was Christian land until the Ottoman Empire converted them all… even the Kingdom of Bosnia was run by Serbian Kings and Queens lol. I’m not a raging nationalist whatsoever, I don’t post anything that is racist or offensive on this blog, yet I get so much criticism from people who have never read anything other than the daily newspaper. All you have to do is look past the propaganda and discover the true history and it will be clear as to why these places are important to us. Arguing over this topic is pretty useless and a waste of time to be completely honest, because at the end of the day both of our opinions are irrelevant and change nothing. 

sendzvuk asked: Fantastičan blog! Pozdrav iz Italije :)

hvala puno!! :) 


did i say they were….? there’s a difference between saying something is Serbia and that something is Serbian. It makes no sense whatsoever to say that Kosovo isn’t Serbian and has no significance to our history and culture. Serbian history was basically built on Kosovo, and just because it’s “independent” doesn’t really mean anything lol. The fact that it isn’t considered Serbian on a map doesn’t change shit. And Bosnia? are you referring to the Banja Luka post lol? Banja Luka’s population consists of 92% Serbs, and is considered to be the capital of Republika Srpska which is significant to us as people. And you know whats funny? Albanians make up 92% of Kosovo, and consider it Albanian, yet Serbians make up the exact same percentage in Banja Luka and it is not considered Serbian…? So please, before you attempt to attack me, get your words straight because I never claimed that Bosnia was Serbia. Also I find it quite humorous that you chose to click anonymous, it really shows the kind of person you are lol. But I kinda understand.. If I was going to start an argument with false claims, I’d wanna hide my face too 😔 

vertigo-u-glavi asked: odlican blog, samo tako nastavi!

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Anonymous asked: jesili napravila jednu sliku za smoki? ili za pitu? ;-)

da naravno :)

isidora-severina asked: Trebalo bi biti više ovakvih blogova, odličan je! Keep it up!

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zxdiak asked: I love your blog! I'm not serbian (I'm half greek and half croatian (well I'm not really proud to be croatian :/)) but my boyfriend is serbian and because of him I fell in love with Serbia and your blog! :))

aw thanks so much! :)